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Product Description

Holley Mfg Co Lakeville, Conn. (1844 – 1930) – Pen Knife with Ivory handles, 19th century two blade. 2 1/2″ long closed. French pulls run clear through blade.  

This knife was used in the movie TITANIC AT 100: MYSTERY SOLVED that aired on the History Channel.

Thanks so much for taking my call.  I’m so pleased that you’re going to let us use the knife for our shoot here in Portland, ME. The show is a 2-hour special for the History Channel about the Titanic.  As I mentioned, one of the historic characters we feature in the show carried a knife very similar to your Holley Pen Knife.  I’ve attached a photo I took of your website so you know which one it is for sure.

The knife is central to her surviving the sinking. She made it into a lifeboat but the sailors found that the oars were tied together.  It was her trusty pocket knife that allowed them to free the oars and escape the sinking Titanic. 

Our shoot is planned for right after the holidays.  Friday, Jan. 6th.  Would it be possible to put the knife in the mail before the holidays? We have so much to do for this shoot and it would be so wonderful to check this off our list.

We would be more than happy to give Old Pocket  a credit in the show in exchange!









On the 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking, Lone Wolf Documentary Group presents “Titanic At 100: Mystery Solved” premiering April 15, 8 pm on History.

The program documents the extraordinary 2010 expedition to the wreck of Titanic, the most ambitious scientific effort ever attempted at the site, and the more than a year of analysis that followed.  The end result is a stunning never-before-seen record of the entire wreck site, photography of previously undiscovered major sections of the ship, and a surprising new understanding of how the ship came apart and fell to the bottom.

An unprecedented team of scientists and engineers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, National Park Service, NOAA, Waitt Institute, RMS Titanic, Inc and others spent a month battling hurricanes, equipment failures, and extreme ocean depths to create a precisely detailed sonar “portrait” of every inch of the 15-square-mile wreck site.

Until this expedition, at least 40% of the site had never been seen, photographed, mapped, or analyzed.  This new map gives us a bird’s-eye view looking down on Titanic as if the water were removed.  An extraordinary achievement, it will be studied and analyzed by historians, oceanographers, underwater archaeologists, and others for decades to come.

Using this map, our team of Titanic experts has generated a new scenario for what happened to the ship when it began to come apart, and as it fell two-and-a-half miles to the bottom.

“Titanic At 100” is produced for History by Lone Wolf Documentary Group.  Produced and Directed by Tony Bacon and Rushmore DeNooyer, written by Rushmore DeNooyer, edited by Tony Bacon.  Executive Producer for Lone Wolf is Kirk Wolfinger.