• Miller Brothers

    The Miller Bros. knives were made at the Meridian plant from 1870 until around 1925 or 1926.

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OLDPOCKETKNIVES.NET - PRESENTS A Miller Brothers, Meridian, Connecticut pocket knife from the late 19th Century

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By admin | On July 8, 2013 | In Mother of Pearl


Robeson (1875-1977) 732306 Pearl Whittler (1922-1940) – This jack knife has nickel bolsters and real mother-of-pearl handles. The three blades are one spear, one pen and one file. From 1900 to 1965 Robeson knives were considered by many to be…

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H & B

By admin | On July 8, 2013 | In Humason and Beckley

H & B

H & B Humason and Beckley (1852-1912) New Britain – This measures 3 1/4 ” long when closed. The H & B company was sold to Landers, Frary and Clark in 1912. The company was originally founded by William L. Humason and F.W. Beckley….

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Giesen & Forsthoff

By admin | On July 7, 2013 | In German Made

Giesen & Forsthoff

This is a 1950’s Giesen & Forsthoff Butter and Molasses Drinking Knife. It measures 3 1/2″ closed. The tang stamp on the master Spear blade reads Giesen & Forsthoff Solingen. This knife features the old Butter and Molasses scales. The small…

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